Walk with Albania Appeal 2020

It's that time of year when we should be thinking about our shoebox appeal for Albania which we do with our fellow Baptist Churches in the West of England, but sadly due to COVID-19 this can't happen this year.

This will be a huge disappointment for the 3,000 children who received a box last Christmas. If we can't send them this year these children will not receive any presents. So we've come up with a plan to get us all involved this year. As you know, we're linked with Good News Baptist Church in Lezhë, Albania, and as a church we are going to walk to Albania together. So here's how it works:

It's approximately 1,629 miles from Weston to Lezhë and at the moment lots of us are exercising of some sort, maybe a walk a day or jogging, or walking to school. Some of you might not be able to get outside but you are walking up and down the stairs each day or to and from the kitchen. You can login your miles each time you walk by emailing us (office@milton-baptist.org.uk) or messaging the Facebook group. Once we have logged all the miles together that everyone has done, we will see if we can reach the goal of walking 1,629 miles together.


(Photo taken in Lezhë, Albania, 2019)

That money will go towards the WEBox Christmas appeal run by Webnet so that they can make up Christmas boxes over in Albania. This means the children won't miss out on receiving their Christmas boxes this year. 

This is not just for us to do - feel free to get your friends, neighbours, and colleagues to join in with the walking or donating. Please do share our Just Giving page to get the word out. You can find out more about our challenge by looking for updates on our church website and Facebook page.

Walking Miles

Walking total approximately: 3,248.5 miles!

Thank you all - we've officially made it to Lezhë, Albania on the Monday 9th November, 2020. Looks like we've also travelled the distance to walk it back in time before Christmas - thank you everyone!


We've raised an amazing total of £2,650 to bless the children, teenagers and families in Albania who will receive a special gift this Christmas, praise God.   

Steve and Rae ~ 375.3 miles

Angela ~ 16.5 miles

Jeanette ~ 2 miles

Bob and Sue ~ 372.2 miles

Natalie ~ 22 miles

Ursula ~ 206miles

Becky, and with family & friends ~ 171.1 miles

Spence family ~ 359.6 miles

Jeremy and Catherine ~ 656.8 miles

Dom, and with Paul ~ 10.4 miles

Dave and Fiona~ 347.1 miles

Judi ~ 12 miles

Ian ~ 137 miles

Felicity ~ 12.5 miles

Emma ~ 156 miles

Williams family ~ 45 miles

Anita ~ 116 miles

Paul and Ros ~230 miles

Nicky ~ 1 mile

* to 1 decimal place

** as last updated 07.11.2020